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Review from chris 

My fiance and I were nervous about the photos because, let's be real, photo shoots can be awkward. NOT with Julia! 
She has an infectious laugh and within a few minutes you'll be cracking up with her. She's able to capture and help create some of the most genuine smiles and candid photos you'll ever see. 

She did our engagement photos and will be doing our wedding in a few short months. Not only did the photos look amazing but the experience was awesome as well. 
If you're looking for someone who's going to capture real moments, she's your girl!

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review from carlos

I have been drawn to Julia's style, not only because she is a technically excellent photographer that understands the style aesthetics of a properly framed shot, but because the passion she has for her craft fully comes across her work. Julia does not just nerd out about the equipment, but she sees photography as more than just the capture of an image. She captures the emotions and overall ethereal nature of the moment.

Anyway, in terms of being photographed, the experience felt natural, unobtrusive, and most of all, fun. Our guests all felt comfortable with her, and I can honestly say they had as much fun as we did being photographed by Julia. Processing was minimal and not a single shot looked like it could have come out of someone's phone's latest social media filter. Delivery was timely and beautifully presented in a custom keepsake box that now acts a conversation piece in our home. Having had Julia as our photographer, was both an honor and a pleasure.

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review from ashley

Julia was the best! She really made the experience fun and easy. Both of us are not very into getting photos but she was able to capture everything beautifully!!! Also, her packaging and delivery is always impeccable.

We now use her for family photos and wouldn’t dream of hiring anyone else.