what makes me, me? 

(and why it's important that you know)

When someone asks me what I do for a living, I’m not going to sit here and hide behind the title word of “photographer”.
Yes, I take photographs of "swoon worthy" love but I’m also a lot of other things.
I want to unapologetically open myself up to you so you feel welcome to open up to me. 


I am a cat lady, a craft beer lover, and a self proclaimed Eggs Benedict Q U E E N to name a few.


Porch Cat (yes, that's his real name)


This is going to make me sound crazy to some of you but, you guys, this cat saved my life. 

After college, I was LOST. Emotionally and mentally destroyed at the mere thought of moving back in with my parents, but I did. I had to. THAT'S WHEN THIS CAT SHOWED UP.  

I wasn't ready for a cat - let alone a ferrel one. I hate it but I did try to find this cat a new home, several times... I just was not in a place to have a pet. But EVERY TIME I would get called to come pick him up because he didn't fit in with the family. Why? He chose me. He chose me before I even knew it. 

He was lost. I was absolutely lost. He taught me how to accept and care. So, I named him Porch Cat because he never came inside the house and I didn't want to get attached. 

But now, 6 years later, I'm MEGA attached to a cat named Porch Cat and he's fat and happy laying in the sun beams on the living room floor.


Me and my love


Over the past three years, I have completely become in tune with my body / femininity / personal power. 

I was always scrolling through Instagram, trying to build my business, trying to always be in the know. It's not that I would never take moments to silence my head, I did. But it wouldn't be until I was so stressed that it seemed like NO amount of Netflix and wine could fix it. I am 28 and finally that life style has stopped completely. 

So, instead of following people I wished my business / body / personality would mimic. I filled my Instagram feed full of inspiring, powerful, authentic, unapologetic women bosses. Women that kill the game. Women that think it's cool to get a tall beer at a bar even though the man next to you has a short. Oh, and food because your girl loves food. 

Surround your social media life with mantras you wish you had and honestlyyy the more you relate yourself to those mantras the more you believe them. 

This. Set. My. Mind. Free. 


most important time of the day 


Hey Hey! Omelette Queen here. 

I taught myself to cook after college and Omelette's have become my personal favorite thing to cook. Why? I wasn't working at the time and my creativity could be fulfilled through the plating presentation process. Seriously. 

My creativity needs to constantly be challenged - and that's why wedding photography is such a perfect fit for me. No wedding is alike! But what about after the wedding? What about when it's the editing phase? 

See those coasters in the photo? I made those! Last year, I formed a company that makes functional art and I LOVE it. Coaster making is a niche I never knew I had! The possibilities are endless. The coasters face can be completely abstract or very clean and corporate. 

I'm debating on marketing them as wedding favors - I mean it would make perfect sense, right?!